Some nice alternatives

by minollox alternatives?

Once upon a time there was  gigapedia.
It was strong though not well popular. Then it came better name, big big repository but it disappeared. It was followed by that made a nice job, but sometimes it was down. And here we are…

Some 100% free and legal alternatives to

The best alternatives …

Just to be clear, *most* of the websites listed below DO NOT seem very legal, since they could host copyrighted material, as a consequence you use them at *your* own risk! Understood? Well!
In this case, here are the alternatives to you were looking for…. and if you know other links, just send me a message or leave a comment and I will update this post! (in Russian, but typing something in a search field should not be a problem … )   It hosts books listed by category. Partially in Russian! (but you can translate the whole website with google translator … )  specialized in the MIR titles (excellent collection of science books of the Soviet Union). An absolute must! (search engine) (torrents) (login required, torrents) (login required, torrents)